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Wouldn't it be nice...Liz Earle Skin Care Review!

This is a slightly different post that I hope to continue as a little beauty sideline within my blog. I am really into beauty, makeup and, particularly, skin care, so I wanted to share some of my favourite products and brands on this blog! This is not a sponsored post or anything like that (this blog is not nearly read enough for that yet but worth saying!)

Today I will be focusing and reviewing some Liz Earle products. If you haven't heard of Liz Earle before they are a fantastic British brand that uses natural ingredients to create really fantastic products. I was first introduced to Liz Earle by my Nana who lives on the Isle of Wight, where the company originally began. I've always suffered with dry skin but as I hit the teens I also started to break out so my Nana bought and posted to me the 'Young Skin Try-Me Kit' and I have never looked back. The tagline for this product "For every teen – the best start to a lifetime of great skin." couldn't have been more true, and I have been an avid user of Liz Earle since I was about 15, and I'm pretty sure I always will be!

The most famous Liz Earle product that many, many people have blogged about and reviewed is the 'Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser' and if you are going to invest in one skin care product I really do recommend this product.

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Using this product morning and night for even a few short days leaves your skin feeling fresh, renewed and looking clean and clear. This really is a holy grail product for me that I re-buy as soon as I run out.

I am aware that Liz Earle isn't cheap but I've always believed that skin care is the most important thing and so I personally believe it to be worth the money; think of it as an investment for your skin! You can slap whatever you want on top of your skin but if you're not looking after what's underneath then there really is no point! I am a little obsessed with skin care I will admit; I scour the shelves of face cream to ensure the one I'm buying has SPF and UVA protection because I think skin care is paramount in a beauty regime. I plan to put the leg work in now in looking after my skin with the thought in my head that I am doing my future self a huge favour; anti-wrinkle creams and products alike to that can only do so much once you've got the wrinkles. I'm working with a preventative frame of mind!

Having shown my favourite product I will give a little run down of my Liz Earle regime:

1. I use the 'Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser'; rubbing it all over my face and neck before gently wiping it all off with a muslin cloth (comes with the cleanser) that I've soaked and wrung out in hand-hot water. Once I've wiped it all off I splash some cold water on my face.
2. I then use my 'Instant Boost Skin Tonic'. I pour some of this product onto a cotton pad and again sweep it over my entire face and neck.
3. Next I use the 'Skin Repair Light Moisturiser' in Combination/Oily, again all over my face and neck. I'll then finish moisturising by patting on 'Daily Eye Repair' cream around my eyes.
4. Finally I use 'Spot-On' on any blemishes. (I tend to do this step only at night time rather than during the day, although it can be used anytime.)

I find that this routine works really well for my skin. I do also have the 'Gentle Face Exfoliator' and the 'Deep Cleansing Mask' but I do not use them every day. I prefer to use exfoliators and masks once or twice a week rather than every day as that just works well for my skin. Now I know that sounds like a lot of time and effort but in reality the 4 steps only take me 5 minutes max and they really are worth it. Sometimes I fall out of the habit of doing this routine and within a day or two my skin really begins to show it; I develop dry patches and am more prone to the odd blemish. As soon as I start using these products and doing my little routine again my skin improves so much.

So I hope you liked this little sway off the normal blog post path. I really enjoyed writing this! As I said I am aware that Liz Earle is not cheap so if you're unsure about spending money on products you don't know will work for you, I would recommend getting one of the 'Try-Me Kits'; perhaps the 'Essential Try-Me Kit' or the 'Young Skin Try-Me Kit' and giving these products a go. I genuinely have never heard a bad review of Liz Earle products and I'm a big fan so I would thoroughly recommend giving these a try!

I'm interested in their makeup range too having been sent some samples of their 'Sheer Skin Tint' with my last order. I've really enjoyed trying this product (it's got SPF in it too!), and the Bare 01 colour was perfect for my skin tone before I went on holiday, and then the Beige 02 has been perfect since I got back; so perhaps that'll be one of my next investigations! Anywho I think I've banged on about Liz Earle enough now; let me know if these kinds of posts on products are interesting/informative/you like them at all!

Bye for now :)

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