Saturday, 9 February 2013

Wouldn't it be nice...if there was more time in the day

Time is flying past at the moment and I mean FLYING! Since when was it February!? Apart know...the 1st...

Regardless, time feels like it is flying by at the moment faster than I can comprehend with days, weeks and months suddenly gone! This becomes most apparent for me when meeting up with or arranging to see friends I haven't seen for what seems like a llittle while but not too long and suddenly we realise that it's literally been weeks or even months. WHERE IS TIME GOING!? SLOW DOWN LIFE! Please. Thanks. A Timelord would be handy right now...(geek reference)

This obviously is because life has picked up the pace a bit with a new job and having friends dotted all over the place rather than conveniently on my doorstep. That is really the only thing I miss about Uni; having my friends there 24/7. The same goes with Uni holidays; everyone from home was all at home at the same time whereas now some are back at Uni and some are in work here or elsewhere. Though it does make seeing each other amazing, because you aren't in each others pockets there's SO much to catch up on and talk about and it's just lovely to see people!

I do feel like I need more time in the day at the moment though. It doesn't help that I was ill friggin again this week (sort it out and man up body!!!) so now I feel like I'm playing catch up with myself but that'll be equalled out quickly. Generally though I really do feel like more time is needed and it's strange to think that everyone says time gets faster as you get older. If time is going this fast now aged 21 how much faster will it get!? Best not to think about that kind of thing.

Ramble over and out.

Bye for now :)

Saturday, 26 January 2013


This post doesn't even get a 'Wouldn't It Be Nice...' in front of it as I'm such a blog fail. I do apologise but (excuses times!) life has been crazy busy! I was interning in London and applying for jobs left right and centre, then landed pretty much my dream first job so started working as a PR Executive in December (proper grown up job time!), then it was Christmas, and then since 2013 began work has been really busy and I've just been working away and getting stuck in properly with my new job!

So yes everything kind of all happened at once and I'm SO happy! I love my new job and feeling happy and generally loving life at the moment!

I will definitely try not to be such a blog fail (again) though.

Bye for now :)

Friday, 23 November 2012

Wouldn't it be nice...if I wasn't such a blog fail!?

So I've been a bit of a blogging fail recently. Quite a bit. OK a lot. Life has become very busy! So much busier than I thought it would be!

As I said before busy is good in some senses but unfortunately things like blogging have slipped down my list a bit recently. Apologies to anyone who actually reads this blog (so...hi Mum!) I do love blogging because I love writing and I just need to make sure I make the time for things such as posting on here. Commuting saps a lot of time and energy though but I will make sure I keep blogging; I WILL. That's more of an assertive message to myself rather than to anyone else. KEEP GOING CHARLOTTE!

Bye for now :)

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Wouldn't it be nice...if we could all make more gifts!

This blog post will simultaneoulsy conform and go against it's own title. Yes I made my best friend the make that I will go on to show in this post. Yes it felt very good to make a present and made the gift giving itself a whole lot more satisfying. No I don't feel like I'll ever have the time to do it again! Not because it takes long but life feels a little chaotic right now. Seriously, friends who are reading this...if you want a gift like this tell me about 3 months before your birthday!!!

Anywho, I did make something for my bestie because 1. she loves homemade stuff (her family are the kings of collages), 2. I saw it on Pinterest and am so addicted I had to make it, 3. I am rather skint at the moment (Interning is great and I'm learning tons but alas being free labour means my bank account is rather woeful!)

So here is the make. (Alice you are absolutely not allowed to click on the links to where I got things from, instead you must just admire the process and then turn and admire the gift in your room) It's super easy, cute and fun to do!

You will need:

1. A glue gun. I bought this one and it's great. Adding the cost of the gluegun in did increase the cost of the overall project but I saw it as a great little investment and, although I said before I don't have time, I will make more things! I am determind to :)
2. Buttons of your choice. Alice loves pink so I chose these gorgeous pink mother of pearl ones. I didn't get through the whole pack either covering the entire letter.
3. Finally you will need the letter of your choice, which I got from here.

First of all I painted the letter. We had some quick dry gloss in the house already so I used this and it worked perfectly. I painted all over the letter with two coats to ensure the colour was even and smooth.

Next I began sure which one sounds better...anyway...I began sticking the buttons on.
I didn't really have a technique. I knew I wanted a textured look so didn't want them all flat or laying the same way across the whole A, so I worked with small sections at a time layering the buttons then gluing them on before moving on to a few more buttons. It really was just a case of "oh that looks good there" andddd stick.


So I just worked building up the buttons. I only wanted one layer but as I said before I wanted some over, some under, rather than routine lines.

Next are some images kindly taken by my mother showing how I placed the buttons on individually working with glue as it was cooling as it was still tacky to position the button.

Nearly there...


The longest part of the process was actually letting the paint dry between coats but the actual glueing of buttons took very little time at all! It felt really nice though giving someone a gift that you know you took time and effort over (seriously though, friends whose birthdays are coming up...please don't expect one at the moment! I will try next year or for Christmas or something instead!)

I hope you liked this little make blog post, let me know if you did. I know it's a bit different to normal but I just wanted to share it with you all as a cheaper but still lovely gift idea.

Bye for now :)

Monday, 8 October 2012

Wouldn't it be nice...if I wasn't so busy!?

Actually it's rather nice being busy. Particularly when it's something new, exciting, and potentially career starting. However being a grown up is time consuming and tiring. Hence the lack of blogging. I'M SORRY! I will get back on track soon once I'm more settled into my new routine; it's all just been a bit of a change and taking a bit of getting used to (again good change, and good getting used to) but unfortunately that's resulted in things such as blogging and, you know, my social life, falling to the wayside a bit. It'll all be worth it in the end though. I hope!

Bye for now :)

Friday, 21 September 2012

Wouldn't it be be back on holiday.

Ah holiday blues! Everyone gets them at some point and I am sorely missing lazing around by the pool all day then being able to swan into town in shorts for a delicious dinner and far too much wine. I've only been back a few days!

Yes the reason my blog has been lacking recently was because I was away for 10 days having a lovely time with the boyfriend not doing very much in Portugal. But now it's back to reality. And the cold. My goodness England feels cold at the moment! When we booked the holiday it seemed such a good idea just before I start my new job to get that last bit of sun and last chance for a while to get away together. However now I'm wishing we'd thought it through a little more and given me a little teensy bit more time to get my life together before I start the rest of my life. Now don't get me wrong the holiday was lovely and this lack of time is mostly my fault because I managed to lock myself out of the house yesterday so wasn't able to do tons of things I needed to do (bills-snore-train tickets-snore) so yes that fault of mine has rather cut into my preparation time.

I don't really need preparation time in reality but I am very nervous and excited for this placement I'm starting on Monday...I am VERY excited but this potentially is this start of the rest of my life! Well...actually it really is! Student life is officially over and my working life begins. How terrifying and wonderful at the same time.

Bye for now :)

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Wouldn't it be not feel bored anymore.

Basically I'm a little bored at the moment. My days seem to be constantly filled with nothing. This is not because I'm super lazy (much) but more down to the fact that I left my old job because I've been offered an internship that starts at the end of September. I am VERY excited. Now it may seem that I left my job rather early to many of you but the boyfriend and I are going on holiday on Monday which will take me right up to the start of my internship. So I haven't been doing nothing for long but I don't really cope with doing nothing that well.

At first the idea of days filled with nothing seem like a dream. A rest away from incredibly busy work days to relax and do whatever I want. However in reality that nice feeling lasts for a few days before I begin to get incredibly bored. I really should have taken the opportunity to start driving lessons again (yes, yes I really need to learn how to drive...pipe down everyone!) but unfortunately I've now left it a little late and it seems silly to have my first driving lesson in 3 years before I poodle off on holiday for a few weeks! Silly Charlotte. Missed opportunity right there!!

But soon my days will be filled. Well on holiday they won't be that filled with anything that productive; more filled with reading and relaxing. Possibly more sight-seeing than we originally planned as the weather forecast is not looking that good right now! It's the being away from it all that matters though, that's what we keep telling ourselves anyway. 

Bye for now :)