Thursday, 14 June 2012

Wouldn't it be nice...if the weather could make up its mind.

So here in the UK we are not blessed with the best weather; we all know this but every year when the weather is bad in the 'summer' we still moan. We Brits are good at moaning. And queuing. We are the best at queuing. Back to the as soon as we really got into the summer season and June began it also began to rain, pretty much non stop. I had been at home and have returned to Uni for the final week of term to see friends and to make sure everything is sorted and in order for my graduation. So I left basically all of my summer clothes at home, having checked the weather forecast and seeing that it was going to be bad weather all week, and I happily poodled back to Uni with a suitcase full of jumpers, jeans, a few dresses for nights out and some t-shirts for layering.

All I can say is thank goodness I packed some t-shirts because it's lovely weather here now! I'm incredibly happy the weather is perking up as my birthday is coming up and I'm meant to be having a BBQ so sunny weather is greatly appreciated. However I now have minimal clothes for this week which are actually of any use. You can also pretty much guarantee that as soon as I get home and am reunited with my beautiful summery clothes that it'll start pouring down again and it'll be back to the winter wardrobe for the rest of the summer.

I do love the UK and being British but I only wish our weather was a little bit more decisive. It can't seem to decide whether it wants to be summer, winter, autumn or spring so is throwing us daily between them all and just hoping we'll keep up! Yes, wouldn't it be nice if the weather could make up its mind but then again we are British and nothing really dampens our spirits; one of the most iconic images of the Jubilee celebrations in London will forever be the Royal College of Music Chamber Choir who sang on top of a boat in the Flotilla on the Thames that housed the the London Philharmonic Orchestra:

(Image from
The whole situation was frankly bonkers. 1 million people stood on the banks of the Thames and many more tuned in at home to watch over 1000 boats of all shapes and sizes sail down the river. It poured with rain (of course) and we watched these young singers belt their hearts out as they stood like drowned rats on top of a floating orchestra in front of the Queen singing to and for her (you can see the video here). And my goodness we all felt proud. Now that's true British spirit, and it wouldn't have been quite the same had it not been pouring with rain.

Bye for now :)

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