Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Wouldn't it be nice...if people were nicer to one another.

It's strange but lovely being here writing again. I stopped blogging over a year ago after my blog was used by a not very nice group of people against me. They created their own blog by copying the style, format, everything about my blog, then proceeded to write about me and mock me. These weren't just internet trolls but people I knew, and had been friends with, in real life who were hiding behind their computer screens. I tried to continue with my blog for a while after that; trying to brush the whole situation off as not bothering me. But it did. I deleted my blog entirely not long after.

I tried to forget about the whole situation but I recently began thinking about it again. About how I let a group of unkind people ruin something I enjoyed doing. So I've decided to start again. I have always enjoyed writing, and blogging is a fantastic outlet for my need to write and ramble and share things with the world, and I am not going to let anyone ruin that for me.

So here I am again. Refreshed and renewed. My blog is now called 'Wouldn't It Be Nice' after the Beach Boys song which is one of my favourite songs and I'm going to use that to start each post. Todays title up there 'Wouldn't it be nice...if people were nicer to each other.' exemplifies how I feel about restarting my blog. I was stopped by unecessary, unprovoked unkindness and I think it's a shame we're not all nicer to one another. Sometimes you can't help being a little grumpy or mean; we're only human! But if we all try to be a bit nicer to each other by doing small things; smile at a stranger in the street when you pass, make sure you properly say and mean thank you to staff in shops, surround yourself with kind and loving people, and I'm sure we'll all be that little bit nicer and that little bit happier.

Bye for now :) 

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