Saturday, 9 February 2013

Wouldn't it be nice...if there was more time in the day

Time is flying past at the moment and I mean FLYING! Since when was it February!? Apart know...the 1st...

Regardless, time feels like it is flying by at the moment faster than I can comprehend with days, weeks and months suddenly gone! This becomes most apparent for me when meeting up with or arranging to see friends I haven't seen for what seems like a llittle while but not too long and suddenly we realise that it's literally been weeks or even months. WHERE IS TIME GOING!? SLOW DOWN LIFE! Please. Thanks. A Timelord would be handy right now...(geek reference)

This obviously is because life has picked up the pace a bit with a new job and having friends dotted all over the place rather than conveniently on my doorstep. That is really the only thing I miss about Uni; having my friends there 24/7. The same goes with Uni holidays; everyone from home was all at home at the same time whereas now some are back at Uni and some are in work here or elsewhere. Though it does make seeing each other amazing, because you aren't in each others pockets there's SO much to catch up on and talk about and it's just lovely to see people!

I do feel like I need more time in the day at the moment though. It doesn't help that I was ill friggin again this week (sort it out and man up body!!!) so now I feel like I'm playing catch up with myself but that'll be equalled out quickly. Generally though I really do feel like more time is needed and it's strange to think that everyone says time gets faster as you get older. If time is going this fast now aged 21 how much faster will it get!? Best not to think about that kind of thing.

Ramble over and out.

Bye for now :)