Monday, 16 July 2012

Wouldn't it be nice...if life were a musical.

I know that it would annoy tons of people but I am an avid musical and music lover so to me the idea of everyone breaking out into perfectly choreographed song and dance is a dream; for others it would be a nightmare.

The practicality of this situation in real life would not be so good; it would be very difficult to get anywhere quickly as you'd either have a song and dance yourself or end up being a backing dancer in someone else's life song, but wouldn't it be fantastic!! (Again keep in mind that I am a musical lover so to me this would be AMAZING) It would also be unfortunate if you could not sing or dance but if it was a commonplace occurrence then the skills would be honed from a young age so everyone would be able to partake in the fun and games. It would be good exercise for everyone too...perhaps the Government with the NHS should invoke some kind of legislation.

I am aware that this is quite an odd blog post (to say the least!) but it's a thought that sometimes pops into my head and for some reason it just did again whilst I was sitting down to write, so I went with it! Yes I am aware I sound a bit loony. Yes I am aware that this is totally impossible and would be totally impractical. But my goodness it would be fun and funny wouldn't it!

Bye for now :)

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