Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Wouldn't it be nice...if Pinterest wasn't so addictive.

I know I might be a bit late on the bandwagon here but OH. MY. GOODNESS. Pinterest is so very addictive. For those that don't know Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where members can "pin" images, videos etc. onto their own boards. Having been a scrapbook addict as a child this has enabled me to return to that love but without the fuss and fiddle of having to physically cut images out of magazines and glue them into a book or blu-tack them to my wall.

I've only recently got really into Pinterest and I'm actually very glad it took me this long. I signed up to it a good few months ago when I was still studying for my degree but (thankfully!) wasn't that interested then as I had much more pressing matters to deal passing my degree. I completely forgot about it until a few people recently started talking on Twitter about it, so I logged in again and I am now officially hooked.

Pinterest basically enables me to collect together pretty things I like into one place (for one thing I love that kind of organisation) but it's also great because you can see tons of other things people are pinning to their own boards and are therefore sharing on Pinterest. I have never wanted to make so many arts and crafts in my entire life than I do now because of lovely, simple makes I keep finding on there!

(A simple PrtScn and Paint job just to demonstrate for those that don't know what a Pinterest page looks like. If you wanted to take a look or follow my Pinterest go to )
I love it because it also means that if I simply see an image of anything I like anywhere on the internet (except, rather annoyingly, Facebook) I have a simple way of saving it and collecting it with other things I like. You can add a 'Pin It' button to your Bookmark Toolbar that only requires a click of it to add it to any of your boards. I can imagine as well if you were intending on decorating or planning an event, such as a specifically themed party or a wedding, Pinterest would be a fantastic, fuss-free way of collecting inspiration.

Let me know if you're on Pinterest and if you follow my profile I'll be sure to take a look at your boards too!

Bye for now :)

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