Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Wouldn't it be nice...if the euphoric wave of London 2012 continued on.

I know I've already written about the Olympics but I'm going to do it again because I truly loved it. I have never been sporty, I was always into dancing but dreaded facing weekly P.E. lessons at school, and I have never before been really that interested in watching the Olympics regardless of what nation was hosting it. I can honestly put my hands up and say that before London 2012 began I was very uninterested in the entire thing. Then it began. And I was hooked.

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For the entire event nothing else was watched in my household. I became actively interested all sports, from the obscure (who knew canoe events would be so exciting!?) to the traditional favourites. I truly do wish that the Olympics had come to London during my childhood because I think I would have got more involved and interested in partaking in sports. I hope that it has had that effect on children across the nation; I really do hope that 'Inspire a Generation' becomes so much more than a tagline for these games. That it instead becomes a reality.

The most important thing that I believe can be taken from these games though is they were a complete success. Many outside and inside the nation had little or no hope for London 2012 but instead we surpassed all expectations and everyone was swept into a euphoric state. Team GB stormed the medals table with our most successful Olympics for 104 years, the volunteers received the biggest cheers of all from crowds and athletes alike, and the public rose to the occasion. We all came out and supported our team. My entire family and I, like many others, were unlucky and didn't manage to get tickets to anything in the original ballots or during the re-sale, but it didn't dampen our support. We simply cheered from our home, adding our voices to the many thousands screaming on our greatest ever team.

Whilst many have already returned to the classic British cynicism I hope that we all can continue to ride this wave. The Paralympics are yet to begin and will hopefully prove to be as exciting as the games and I really do hope they inspire as much support. I love the current adverts for the Paralympic Games that feature the title 'Thanks for the warm-up' following the original adverts introducing the athletes as 'Meet the Superhumans'. Here is another fantastic Team GB to continue supporting in the games.

Of the games all I have left to say is that I truly will miss watching them and that I believe they did more than inspire a generation, they inspired a nation.

Bye for now :)

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