Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Wouldn't it be not feel bored anymore.

Basically I'm a little bored at the moment. My days seem to be constantly filled with nothing. This is not because I'm super lazy (much) but more down to the fact that I left my old job because I've been offered an internship that starts at the end of September. I am VERY excited. Now it may seem that I left my job rather early to many of you but the boyfriend and I are going on holiday on Monday which will take me right up to the start of my internship. So I haven't been doing nothing for long but I don't really cope with doing nothing that well.

At first the idea of days filled with nothing seem like a dream. A rest away from incredibly busy work days to relax and do whatever I want. However in reality that nice feeling lasts for a few days before I begin to get incredibly bored. I really should have taken the opportunity to start driving lessons again (yes, yes I really need to learn how to drive...pipe down everyone!) but unfortunately I've now left it a little late and it seems silly to have my first driving lesson in 3 years before I poodle off on holiday for a few weeks! Silly Charlotte. Missed opportunity right there!!

But soon my days will be filled. Well on holiday they won't be that filled with anything that productive; more filled with reading and relaxing. Possibly more sight-seeing than we originally planned as the weather forecast is not looking that good right now! It's the being away from it all that matters though, that's what we keep telling ourselves anyway. 

Bye for now :)

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